Business Domain I : Market Development (Official Partnerships)

  • Musashi & Co. is developing sales channels of Kanematsu Imported groceries and daily essentials to American markets (North, Central, and South America)
  • Producing sales channels in the Americas for an original Wagyu beef and functional lean meat, created collaboratively between Kanematsu USA and Musashi & Co.
  • Development of brands, ingredients, and other platforms for the Japanese Restaurant Industry, created collaboratively between Kanematsu USA and Musashi & Co.

  • L3C beginning is a butcher shop with a history of 40 years trading in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture
  • The Wagyu beef can be served not only in full unit sets, but also in partial units too
  • They are expanding their export business with flexible responses and Musashi & Co. supports researching and development projects in the US

  • Hannari BEEF has the quality texture of the silky skin that can be uniqueness and not on the market
  • Hannari BEEF’s hometown is surrounded by the mountains of Tanba, kyoto, and is blessed with clean underground water
  • Musashi & Co. is producing sales channels in the America and other platforms for the groceries and restaurant industry.

  • Musashi & Co. is developing sales channels for Japanese and Asian groceries and daily essentials to the US mainstream, imported by BIG
  • Working to bring all BIG products to Japanese American and Asian markets
  • Discovering new Japanese foods and daily necessities to further develop BIG’s existing channel of distribution

  • To tackle the issue of food loss, MUSASHI & CO. is collaborating with Day Break, the top dealer of next-generation freezing technology (fast freezing)
  • Working with small to medium sized food manufacturers and restaurants to create new opportunities for advancements and business in the industry with Day Break’s fast freezing technology

  • MUSASHI & CO. supports the research for Japanese food products’ market expansion in the US, done by Key Research Net
  • Supporting research and development projects by food development agencies in the US and Europe

Business Domain II : Capital Related Companies

  • MUSASHI & CO. has a joint venture with TGAL Japan’s largest food tech company
  • Preparing for the opening of a B2C kitchen near Union Square of Manhattan in Q2 2022
  • Partnership with major US food tech companies and B2B brands
  • TGAL New York Inc. is a hub for Worldwide Strategy
    – Along with the US, TGAL is forming partnerships with major food tech
      companies in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia
  • TGAL New York Inc. is also creating Next-Generation Strategies
    – Usage of examinations and human resource training platforms for
      next-generation foods, fast freezing technology, accelerated cooking, etc.

  • Developing sales channels in the US for Japanese and Asian beauty/hygiene products and daily necessities, which are imported by Headwings
  • Creating a collaboration between all of the imported products between Kanematsu USA and Business International Group
  • The market for MUSASHI & CO.’s Japanese products has expanded, particularly the European market

Business Domain III : Other Activities
Food Intellectual Property

  • Develops new concepts for ramen and develops operational partnerships
  • Introducing and proposing the IP to food tech companies, such as in the US 
  • Send business proposals for ramen to American fast food industries, through collaborating with US trading companies and Japanese US noodle manufacturers.

It is the year 2020…

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our world upside down in an unprecedented manner. New York City, the most vibrant metropolis in the world has fallen silent. If this city doesn’t re-ignite its flame… so won’t the rest of the world.
Why not replenish the fatigued souls of New Yorkers through delivering scrumptious, mouth-watering ramen?
This was the moment when the Ramen Museum New York Project was born.

Recipe Development and Chef Dispatch

  • Japanese / Japanese fusion menu & recipe development
  • Professional chef dispatch service for celebrations and parties in NYC
  • Chef Omakase will introduce new ingredients
    ( Including Dashi, Maccha, Sake, etc.)